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Welcome to the American Red Cross Greater Houston Area Chapter

The American Red Cross Greater Houston Area Chapter, established in 1916, is one of 4 regional chapters in Texas and provides services to over six million people. This area includes Houston, a long coastline in Galveston and Brazoria Counties, suburban areas, small towns and very rural areas. To provide services that reflect the needs of such diverse communities, the Chapter has its main headquarters off the Southwest Freeway and 7 locations spread throughout the 15 county area.

The American Red Cross Greater Houston Area Chapter provides four main services: Disaster Relief and Preparedness, assistance for Military Personnel and their families, Health and Safety Courses and Transportation. In fact, the Red Cross has a Congressional mandate to provide disaster and military assistance, though it is an unfunded mandate. The Red Cross relies on financial donations and grants.


Debra Murphy

Debra Murphy-Luera, Regional Chief Operating Officer

Debra has served in a variety of capacities within the American Red Cross for over 15 years. Prior to being appointed Chief Administrative Officer, Debra served as Interim Regional Chapter Executive, Regional Support Manager of the Corpus Christi Region; Chapter Solutions Manager for the Southwest Service Area and Executive Director of the Webb County Chapter. Prior to her service with the American Red Cross, Debra spent over twenty years in the broadcasting industry. Debra earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Kennedy Western University. A native of Wyoming, Debra currently resides in Corpus Christi, Texas is married with three step-children and four step-grandchildren.