Route and Training

  • Tour du Rouge route map
The Tour du Rouge is a 6 day 537 mile cycling tour from Houston to New Orleans. The Tour averages 90 miles per day. Daily mileage and overnights are listed in the Itinerary section of the Travel Info page.

Maps of the overall route and each day’s rest stops are in this document.

Tour du Rouge is six consecutive days of long rides. Since most of us don't usually ride that far, we recommend that you train. If you follow the training mileage in the plan document, you should finish each day of the ride with a smile on your face.

Gulf coast riding is very flat but can be windy and the route we will ride is largely unprotected. So try to spend some of your training time riding into the wind.

Training Plan (PDF)

GPS Files
If you own a GPS device that can use a generic gpx file type or a tcx file type, the zipped route files below may be used to help you navigate the Tour route. These routes will work with a variety of the Garmin models from the 500 through the 1000 series. One type or the other should work in most other routable GPS units. Please read the use instruction document for your GPS device before using the route file.

Which file to use
There are two sets of GPS files included here: the generic exchange format - gpx and the Training Course exchange format - tcx

gpx: will load the points (waypoints and shaping points) that define the route. The device will then calculate the actual route from these points and provide turn-by-turn directions. The ZIP file includes all 6 days of waypoints and routes. You'll have to "unzip" the file to get the individual gpx files to load to your device.

tcx: will load the points as well as a pre-calculated set of points called a track and instructions. The gps will display these points as a route complete with instructions. Different GPS units handle this process slightly differently. You'll have to unzip the file to load the individual day's files to your device.

If you have additional questions please contact us.