Vaccinate a Village


Vaccinate a Village is a fundraising activity in which you become a Measles & Rubella Partnership (M&RP) advocate by raising awareness about vaccine-preventable deaths and raising funds to help support vaccination campaigns around the world.



Each day, hundreds of children die from measles despite it only costing $2 dollars to vaccinate them against both measles and rubella. By participating in this activity, you will save children from these deadly, yet preventable, diseases and make a huge impact in the Red Cross mission to prevent measles and rubella around the world.


How to Get Started

Step 1: Set Clear Goals and Objectives

Define your desired outcomes for the activity and create measurable goals and objectives to guide the planning process. We encourage you to integrate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations into your activity and be creative with your approaches.


Step 2: Plan the Details

Learn about M&RP. These resources go more into depth about M&RP to prepare you to host this activity. 


   • Measles & Rubella Partnership Infographic

   • Measles & Rubella Partnership Videos

   • Measles & Rubella Partnership Fact Sheet

   • Measles & Rubella Initiative Branding Guidelines

   • Measles & Rubella Partnership Youth Engagement Presentation (intranet)


Order pins for donors (optional)

   • The International Services Department provides M&RP-inspired lapel pins for use during fundraising and advocacy events. The lapel pins are provided free of charge to all Red Cross regions and Clubs with the request that any funds raised be remitted to the M&RP. When you host your fundraiser, we suggest a $1 donation per pin.

   • Please contact to request pins and provide the following information in your message: Contact Name, Chapter Address, Phone Number and Quantity of Pins Needed.

   • When you are ready to remit the proceeds from your fundraiser, please follow these instructions:

       1. Make the check payable to American Red Cross.

       2. Ensure that “International Services - AP2099” is clearly noted in the check memo line.

       3. Mail the check to: American Red Cross, PO Box 37864, Boone, IA 50036

   • If you have any additional questions about the program, please contact


Plan a presentation

   • Arrange for someone from your local Red Cross region or members of your Red Cross Club to educate students at your school about measles and rubella and encourage them to join you in vaccinating a village. You can use the information from the M&RP website, infographic, videos, and fact sheet.


Step 3: Coordinate the Logistics

Set a date and time

   • Depending on your fundraising goals, you can host the fundraising booth for a few days or a few weeks. You can also use pre-orders to sell the pins to reduce the risk of over-ordering.


Secure a venue

   • Find a location in your school or a public place with more foot traffic, such as a mall or a park.


Assign roles and responsibilities

   • This activity requires volunteers who are prepared to educate prospective donors about M&RP to increase their level of support for the cause. Have volunteers support the fundraiser by setting up tables around the community. Encourage them to invite their families and friends to participate and donate.


Gather supplies

   • Create a list of supplies needed and arrange to acquire them in advance.


Spread the Word

   • Advertise the activity through various channels such as social media, email, and school announcements.

       • Vaccinate a Village e-vite (intranet)

       • Vaccinate a Village Flyer (intranet)

       • Vaccinate a Village Poster (intranet)

   • Send a reminder with important details prior to the activity.


Step 4: Facilitate the Activity

   • Run through Step 2 and Step 3 in advance and engage the participants throughout the activity.

   • Arrive early to set up for the activity.

   • To track your progress and recognize those who helped vaccinate your symbolic village against measles, ask donors to write their names on these cutout shapes (intranet).

   • Display the shapes on a wall, bulletin board, or banner-sized drawing of a village to show the impact your group Is making.

   • Deliver the funds to the M&RP mailbox following the instructions in Step 2.


Step 5: Debrief and Thank Your Volunteers 

   • Invite participants to discuss their experiences and capture lessons learned.

   • Thank everyone who contributed and participated.

   • Remind volunteers to record their hours through Volunteer Connection.