Award Recipients

2013 Everyday Heroes Award Recipients

Adult good samaritan

Elicea Monte, Adult Good Samaritan

Elicea Monte was cleaning a room in the Bellagio Hotel when she heard a guest in the hallway screaming for help. She ran into the hallway and found a panicked mother holding a choking baby. Elicea immediately began using the lifesaving training she thought was long forgotten. After several repetitions, a piece of food came free from the baby’s throat and he began to cry and regain color.

Youth Good Samaritan Hero

Diego and Draven Avila, Youth Good Samaritan

It was 4 a.m. when teenagers Diego and Draven Avila woke to find that their home was on fire. Once they escaped the burning home, they realized t heir 14-year-old brother with autism was still trapped in his bedroom. Diego and Draven worked together to break a window and pull their younger brother out to safety.

Animal Rescue Hero

Stephanie Combs, Animal Rescue

Stephanie Combs has a special place in her heart for injured dogs or those that are victims of dog-fighting. She works tirelessly to rescue and find homes for mistreated dogs and volunteers any free time she has with a local animal shelter. Stephanie uses social media to advocate for abused animals and recruit friends to join her in rescue efforts.

Law Enforcement Hero

Robert Borchardt, Law Enforcement

Nevada Highway Patrol trooper Robert Borchardt was beginning his shift when he noticed smoke rising from plants outside a nearby home. Trooper Borchardt fought the flames with a fire extinguisher, but the blaze was spreading too quickly. He then pounded on the front door to alert anyone inside the house. Four teenagers were inside, unaware that the house was on fire. Trooper Borchardt lead them out to safety just as the room began to fill with black smoke.

Aquatics Heroes

Dilon Baker and Manny Mayorga, Aquatics

Lifeguards Dilon Baker and Manny Mayorga became heroes when they noticed a woman floating face down in the lazy river of a Las Vegas resort. She had experienced a seizure and lost hold of her toddler who was in another inner tube. Dilon and Manny rescued the toddler and woman, who was not breathing and did not have a pulse. They administered CPR until she was able to breathe on her own and be transported to the hospital. The next day, the woman returned to thank the lifeguards who saved her life.

Medical Hero

Dr. Alexandra Walsh, Medical Professional

Dr. Alexandra Walsh is devoted to fighting pediatric cancer in Southern Nevada. She became aware of a void in care for children whose cancer is in remission but who often develop severe health conditions after their treatment. Dr. Walsh founded the Pediatric Survivorship Clinic to help children in remission stay healthy and active.

Community Impact Hero

Spirit Therapies, Community Impact

Spirit Therapies is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping veterans heal from physical and mental challenges through equestrian therapy. Through her work with veterans and those with special needs, founder Laurie Willmott honors the memory of her father and brother, veterans of World War II and Vietnam. Spirit Therapies has helped many veterans significantly minimize their symptoms through therapy sessions with their horses.

International Service Hero

Metropolitan Community Church, International Service

Each year, the Metropolitan Community Church of Las Vegas looks to the developing world and decides where they can best make an impact. In 2013, they undertook a project to save children from malaria by providing bed nets that protect them from contracting the disease. By the end of the year, they will have raised $1,500—enough money to buy 300 nets and save 900 children from malaria.

Military Hero

SMSgt Tammy Killen, Military

SMSgt Tammy Killen was on her way to an appointment when she saw a serious car wreck on I-15. Tammy pulled over and approached the vehicle, finding an elderly woman thrown from her seat complaining of neck and back pain. Tammy carefully dressed two gaping wounds in the victim’s face using a sweater from her car, and asked the woman questions to keep her alert until emergency personnel arrived on the scene.

Community Service Hero

Cameron Cheal, Community Service

Cameron Cheal volunteers to be on-call three weekends per month with Trauma Intervention Program (TIP), a local nonprofit that helps provide people with “emotional first aid” for victims of emergencies ranging from sexual assaults to suicides. Cameron has helped many people in the community through difficult times, responding to 25 crises over the past year.

Firefighter Hero

Carpenter 1, Firefighter

When tragedy struck Mt. Charleston with a wildfire that would eventually consume 27,000 acres, fire fighters from this community and the entire region responded to the call for help. Carpenter 1 Fire fighters spent long days fighting the relentless blaze during the summer’s hottest temperatures. Through their dedicated efforts, they were able to preserve the homes of several hundred residents of Mt. Charleston and allow for their safe return.