Reconnection Workshops

  • Military service woman with her family

Today’s service members are facing repeated deployments to conflict zones around the world. After a deployment, many realize that the return home can be just as challenging as their tour of duty.

The American Red Cross, with support from Walmart, has developed the Reconnection Workshops, Presented by Walmart for all military families to assist them with managing the challenges of reintegration.

The Reconnection Workshops, Presented by Walmart focus on individuals and small groups through facilitated sessions that enhance the likelihood of positive reconnections between family members and the successful reintegration of service members into civilian life. These courses are offered at no charge and participation is kept confidential.

Actively licensed and specially trained Red Cross mental health professionals will facilitate the sessions, which cover topics relevant to a successful transition. Module topics include:

  • Communicating Clearly
  • Exploring Stress and Trauma
  • Identifying Depression
  • Relating to Children
  • Working Through Anger