International Services

Carrie Santos

Carrie Santos

Executive Director, International Response and Programs

Carrie Santos is responsible for expanding the American Red Cross’ international humanitarian law dissemination program and for strengthening the engagement of the organization in the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Santos joined the Red Cross after almost 10 years at the U.S. State Department. Santos worked in the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM) as the State Department’s liaison to the International Movement for five years. During that time, she coordinated the U.S. government’s inter-agency delegations to three International Conferences of the Red Cross & Red Crescent in Geneva.

Before that, she worked in PRM as the program officer for Russia and in the human rights bureau. Santos holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of California at Berkeley.

Areas of Expertise

  • International Humanitarian Law
  • International Family Tracing
  • International Red Cross & Red Crescent Network

  • Guillermo Garcia

    Guillermo Garcia

    Senior Director, International Response and Programs (IRP)

    Guillermo Garcia is responsible for leading and ensuring consistency in the development, management and implementation of a rapidly expanding global portfolio including responding to disasters, building more resilient communities and strengthening the Red Cross network. Most recently he was part of the management team who led the American Red Cross response and recovery operations to the 2013 Philippines Typhoon Haiyan and before that was responsible for leading the response and recovery operations to the 2010 Haiti and Chile earthquakes among other operations.

    Garcia started his Red Cross career at 12 years old as a youth volunteer with the Venezuelan Red Cross and has over 17 years of experience in resilience, disaster management, disaster response, and water and sanitation in emergencies. He has responded to over 40 disasters in 24 countries in the Americas and Asia.

    Areas of Expertise

  • Global Disaster Management

  • Dale Kunce

    Dale Kunce

    Senior Geospatial Engineer and Geographic Information Systems Team Lead

    Dale Kunce leads the international Geographic Information Systems (GIS) team and he is responsible for the adoption of open source software, open data standards and crowd sourcing to supercharge the international work at the American Red Cross.

    Kunce is a geospatial engineer and urban planner with more than 10 years of experience. He and his team support programs and projects for both international disaster response and long-term programs. His recent projects include founding Missing Maps, a project to map the world's vulnerable people, and leading the global Red Cross network’s GIS analysis and coordination for the Typhoon Haiyan response in the Philippines.

    Kunce’s past work has taken him from community organizing in the California Central Valley and developing analytics for pandemic response in Uganda to helping astronauts capture high-resolution imagery from the International Space Station. He is a proud alumnus of the University of California, Davis.

    Areas of Expertise

  • Mapping in Disasters
  • Geospatial Tools and Analysis
  • Emerging Technologies for Humanitarian Response
  • International Emergency Response Operations

  • Tracy Reines

    Tracy Reines

    Director, International Response Operations Center

    Tracy Reines is responsible for the support of international emergencies including deploying response team and mobilizing relief supplies and financial assistance. Reines has been deployed to disaster operations in Grenada, Sri Lanka, Mozambique and the Horn of Africa to manage programs on relief, shelter, livelihood and recovery projects as well as emergency assessments and programmatic evaluations. She has also coordinated the development of the Nepal Red Cross’ Disaster Management strategy and played a key role in operational response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010.

    Prior to her current position, she worked as senior advisor for relief and regional manager for African emergency response with the Red Cross. During that time she oversaw the development of a new training curriculum for the emergency response teams for the Red Cross and used widely throughout the International Red Cross movement.

    Areas of Expertise

  • International Emergency Response Operations

  • Lesley Schaffer

    Lesley Schaffer

    Director, Latin America & Caribbean

    Lesley Schaffer joined the Latin America and the Caribbean team as a director in September 2012, and now oversees a portfolio of multi-sector programs in 15 countries, including the Haiti Assistance Program. She has 20 years of experience in non-profit program administration, humanitarian assistance, international development, social services, relief management, food security, water and sanitation, community health and educational programs.

    Schaffer joined the American Red Cross in 1998 after living for more than five years in Latin America. She was charged with managing hurricane and other relief and disaster preparedness activities throughout the Americas. In 2000, she lead the international disaster response unit and spent four years training staff and volunteers as well as managing American Red Cross response to emergencies around the world, including serving as lead international services responder in New York City for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Schaffer served as director of operations for the American Red Cross South Asian Tsunami recovery efforts, a $500 million recovery program, before joining the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Tsunami team in Geneva from 2006-2009.

    Areas of Expertise:

  • Haiti Assistance Program
  • International Development
  • International Disaster Response

  • Jana Sweeny

    Jana Sweeny

    Director, International Communications

    Jana Sweeny ensures the American public is informed about the international work the American Red Cross conducts worldwide. Previously, she worked as a disaster officer helping local Red Cross chapters in five Western states become better prepared to respond to disasters. She has served as a director of communications, marketing and government relations in the Mid-Atlantic region working with more than 100 chapters on their communications strategies and efforts. Sweeney has also deployed on behalf of Red Cross in support of Operations Iraqi Enduring Freedom, as well as worked with military families in Germany and at stateside locations.

    Sweeny serves as a Red Cross national media spokesperson and external affairs liaison during times of disaster. She is a member of the International Response Roster and deployed to Haiti in 2010.

    Areas of Expertise

  • International Emergency Response Operations

  • Jane B. Zimmerman

    Jane B. Zimmerman

    Executive Director, International Policy External Affairs

    Jane B. Zimmerman oversees strategy and direction for international policy, advocacy, diplomacy, international humanitarian law and reconnecting families separated by war, disaster or emergencies. She joined the American Red Cross as its executive director for international policy and external affairs in October 2013.

    Prior to joining the Red Cross, Zimmerman served in the U.S Foreign Service for 25 years, working in Cyprus, Israel, the Gaza Strip, Tunisia, Brazil and Mali. She was deputy assistant secretary of state in the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor covering south and central Asia, the western hemisphere and international religious freedom. Zimmerman is fluent in French, Portuguese, Arabic and Italian. She is the recipient of the Secretary’s Career Achievement Award, four Superior Honor Awards, two Meritorious Honor Awards and an Award for Excellence in Community Service.

    Areas of Expertise:

  • International Policy, Advocacy and Diplomacy
  • International Humanitarian Law
  • Restoring Family Links