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Flexible Training Options for Aquatic & Water Safety

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Blended Learning

Online learning taken anywhere/anytime followed by a skills session.


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Shorter courses to demonstrate skills competency.

Online Only

Self-paced online learning and development courses.

Feel Confident in Evidence-based Science

Feel Confident in Evidence-based Science

Behind every American Red Cross training program stands a team of experts, the Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council, ensuring what is taught is based on the latest and best in emergency science.

The Scientific Advisory Council work includes:

  • Circle of Drowning Prevention
  • Definition of Water Competency
  • In-Water Resuscitation
  • Jellyfish Stings
  • Lightning Safety for Pools
  • Minimum Age for Swimming Lessons
  • Voluntary Hyperventilation Preceding Underwater Swimming (Hypoxic Blackout)
  • Water Temperature for Aquatics

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Feel Confident in Evidence-based Science

Drowning Prevention Education and Resources

Drowning is a leading cause of death for children. Together we can change that. What is your community’s level of water competency? Would they be able to make a difference like the two friends in this video who put their lifeguard training into action?

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Image of three individuals holding lifeguard pool rescue tubes during a Red Cross Lifeguard training.

Celebrating 100 Years of Water Safety

The Red Cross Centennial Campaign helps millions of kids, teens and adults learn how to swim and become lifeguards and instructors so that the water can be a safer place for everyone. Join us as we champion water safety for the next 100 Years.

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