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Red Cross in The News

The Latest Media Coverage of the Red Cross - From Interviews With Key Personnel to Mission-Related Stories

Below is a sampling of recent national media stories on the American Red Cross. By clicking on any of these links you will be leaving the Red Cross website.

The Red Cross also has a weekly news segment on The Weather Channel featuring Red Cross experts providing timely, life-saving information on weather-related emergencies, disaster preparedness, and humanitarian services. The Weather Red Report airs every Sunday at 8:40 am EST on The Weather Channel.

Huffington Post
Thanksgiving Holiday - A Time to Look Back and Reflect

November 20 - As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, hopefully many of us will have an opportunity to look back and reflect on what we are grateful for.

17 Confessions of Counselors and Therapists Who Help People Cope After Disasters

November 5 - BuzzFeed speaks with Red Cross Disaster Health Service and Disaster Mental Health manager, Valerie Cole, to clarify common misconceptions and the importance of psychological first aid in the wake of a disaster.

The Wendy Williams Show
Home Fire Campaign

November 1 - Wendy Williams partners with the American Red Cross to perform home safety fire inspections and to install the one-millionth smoke alarm. Afterwards, Williams discusses the importance of the Home Fire Campaign in studio with Red Cross President and CEO Gail McGovern.

The Weekly Standard
Let’s Hear It For the Red Cross

October 26 - In the aftermath of three historic hurricanes, The Weekly Standard looks at the ongoing response and relief efforts of the American Red Cross.

CBS News
California wildfires could leave behind toxic mess, health officials warn

October 18 - Volunteers with the American Red Cross hand out hundreds of face masks every day in California to protect civilians from toxic air that comes as a result of the wildfires.

PBS News Hour
Volunteers are helping Puerto Rico from home, with a map anyone can edit

October 1 - Thousands of volunteers contribute to relief mapping efforts after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico.

ABC News
Hurricane Maria 'probably the single biggest hurricane catastrophe in the history of the US,' Puerto Rico governor says

September 27 - For the first time in a disaster relief situation, the American Red Cross established a mobile command center in Puerto Rico to aid in reconnecting families after Hurricane Maria.

Inside Edition
How to Work Around a Power Outage During Hurricanes like Irma

September 12 - American Red Cross spokesperson Craig Cooper walks a Florida family through how to survive power outages during Hurricanes like Irma.

ABC News
American Red Cross spokesman: Local, state officials working together on Irma relief

September 10 - Jim Guidone, American Red Cross spokesman, speaks to the shelter situation in Florida and the importance of working with local and state officials to provide relief.

The Washington Post
Remembering the great things the Red Cross did during the Great War

September 5 - To honor the 100 year anniversary of the United States entering World War I, the American Red Cross displays a new exhibit to honor the role Red Cross volunteers played in the Great War.

Good Morning America
Meet Families Receiving Red Cross Donations in Harvey’s Wake

September 5 - Good Morning America highlights the impact that millions of donations have had on families and storm victims in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Fox Business
American Red Cross CEO on Donations: Such an overwhelming response

August 31 - Gail McGovern, President and CEO of the American Red Cross, stresses the need on the ground in Texas following Hurricane Harvey, and the surge in donations that the organization has received.

The New York Times
How to Stop Bleeding and Save a Life

October 5 - Before help arrives, a bystander on the scene of a shooting or other trauma like a car crash or construction accident may be able to save someone’s life by applying direct pressure to a wound.

Consumer Reports
Guard Your Health Before and After a Natural Disaster

September 12 - The steps you need to take to stay healthy in the event of a hurricane, wildfire, or other cataclysmic event.

Huffington Post
The Charitable Tax Deduction – An Aid to America’s Relief Agencies

August 16 - As Congress and the President take up the issue of tax reform, there is one thing we think everyone can agree on – preserving the charitable tax deduction.