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Red Cross in The News

The Latest Media Coverage of the Red Cross - From Interviews With Key Personnel to Mission-Related Stories

Below is a sampling of recent national media stories on the American Red Cross. By clicking on any of these links you may be leaving the Red Cross website.

Additional news media stories and interview clips with Red Cross leadership can be viewed here.

The Red Cross also produces a monthly news segment on The Weather Channel featuring Red Cross experts providing timely, life-saving information on weather-related emergencies, disaster preparedness, and humanitarian services. The Weather Red Report airs the first Sunday each month at 8:40 am EST on The Weather Channel.
The New York Times
Keeping Children Safe at the Beach or Pool

June 11 - Dr. Linda Quan, Vice Chair of the American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council, stresses the importance of knowing about the water, knowing how to engage with the water and learning how to swim.

Reader's Digest
Q&A with American Red Cross President Gail McGovern

June 6 - Gail McGovern authors an article sharing how the American Red Cross and its team of volunteers and first responders stop at nothing to support communities devastated by natural disasters.

Reader's Digest
13 Things You Should Never Do During a Power Outage

June 1 - Jim Judge, a Red Cross disaster expert, shares advice on what you shouldn’t do during a power outage to stay safe.

The Epoch Times
Lava almost destroyed this woman’s home—now she’s on a mission to help her neighbors

May 30 - Lava flow almost destroyed this woman’s home in 2014. Now, she’s volunteering with the Red Cross to help other residents on the Big Island in Hawaii after the most recent volcanic eruption.

Emergency Management Magazine
It’s Time for Hurricane Prep. Are You Ready?

May 18 - Red Cross preparedness expert, Tom Heneghan, shares what you should do now to get ready for hurricane season.

Reader's Digest
15 Ways You Can Help After a Natural Disaster (Hint: It’s Rarely Donate Clothes)

May 18 - To help families and communities after a disaster, Red Cross suggests volunteering time and selling goods instead of donating them.

A Taste of Home
Red Cross Announces the #1 Cause of House Fires, and It’s Not What You Think.

May 1 - Red Cross provides tips on how to prevent kitchen fires.

Independent Journal Review
The America I See Is Not Divided

April 30 - Red Cross CEO Gail McGovern shares her opinion on how the values that unite Americans are stronger than those that divide us.

Japan's 'Bosai Girls' bring fashion to disaster relief

April 24 - Despite emergency management being a traditionally male-dominated space, disaster relief organizations around the world – including the Red Cross – provide opportunities for women and millennials to take on meaningful roles.

The Epoch Times
Mom gets frightening call about military son. But what happens next—’I wanted things done’

March 28 - Gold Star mom Diane Frappier often volunteers more than 50 hours a week with the Red Cross to ensure that active-duty military, veterans and their families are well taken care of in their time of need.

The Harvard Review
When Disaster Strikes: Climate Resilience & Community Response in the Wake of Natural Disasters

March 25 - Brad Kieserman, VP of Red Cross Disaster Operations and Logistics, wrote about how the Red Cross used technology to respond to the historic disasters of 2017.

Independent Journal Review
This Women's History Month, Let's Celebrate Red Cross Founder Clara Barton and Those She Has Inspired

March 22 - Red Cross CEO Gail McGovern honors Red Cross founder Clara Barton and other women who have contributed to the humanitarian cause.

People Logo
Husband Saves Wife by Administering CPR as She Went Into Cardiac Arrest Weeks After Giving Birth

March 8 - A husband relied on his Red Cross CPR training to save his wife as she went into cardiac arrest just weeks after she gave birth to their son.

Good Housekeeping logo
All the Fire Safety Lessons "This Is Us" Is Trying to Teach Us

February 5 - Red Cross provides fire safety tips after home fire tragedy on popular NBC drama ‘This is Us.’

Consumer Reports
Don't Get the Flu at a Super Bowl Party

February 3 - Jeffrey Pellegrino, member of the Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council, shares tips on how to avoid getting the flu when attending parties for the Big Game.

Additional Media Interview Clips

Click on the thumbnails to watch broadcast interviews with Red Cross experts.