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U.S. Response

U.S. officials are reporting damage of at least $10 billion, making Matthew the costliest hurricane since Sandy in 2012.

Hurricane Matthew made landfall in the United States on Saturday, October 8, bringing up to Category 4 force winds, rain and storm surge to communities across the Southeast. And although the storm downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone by the time it reached the Carolinas, torrential downpours inundated already saturated terrain. In North Carolina and South Carolina, swollen rivers have transformed thoroughfares into canals and homes into sodden islands, in some cases with only the roof or the windows peeking above the water.
It’s been weeks since Hurricane Matthew made landfall in the United States, and residents from Florida to the Carolinas are still picking up the pieces from the devastating storm. American Red Cross disaster teams remain on the ground throughout hardest-hit areas, providing a safe place to stay, food and casework assistance on the road to recovery.

The storm's deadly force has been felt from Florida to Virginia and beyond.

Haiti Response

The American Red Cross will continue to work with local and international partners in Haiti to mobilize and deliver critical relief.

Weeks after Hurricane Matthew hammered the Caribbean, the American Red Cross continues to support emergency relief efforts in communities devastated by the storm.

Heavy rainfall over the past few days is worsening conditions in storm-battered Haiti, causing further flooding in areas already ravaged by Matthew. More people are seeking shelter and additional roads have become inaccessible, making it increasingly difficult to reach hard-hit communities.

Nearly 200 American Red Cross staff members—over 90 percent of whom are Haitian nationals—continue to support global Red Cross network efforts to distribute temporary shelter supplies and other relief items, such as mosquito nets and kitchen kits. To mitigate the spread of cholera as a result of flooding, the American Red Cross is also helping to distribute hygiene kits and cholera- prevention kits, specifically targeting medical facilities.

Additionally, we’re assisting the Haitian Red Cross with logistics, communications and financial resources, as well as supporting its key coordination role with local authorities and other humanitarian organizations. And we’re offering remote information management and mapping support to assist humanitarian workers on the ground.

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