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Migration and Refugee Crisis

Responding in Times of Crisis With Relief and Hope

Every day around the world, people flee life-threatening conflict, disaster, or social and economic distress. They leave their homes and loved ones to find a safer place to live or pursue better livelihoods.

Often, their journeys are dangerous. They may lose contact with their families, fall victim to human trafficking or be exploited in informal labor arrangements. As part of the world’s largest humanitarian network, the American Red Cross works with Red Cross and Red Crescent teams to provide relief and hope in accordance with our seven fundamental principles.

Global Red Cross Response

As families search for safety across the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, the Red Cross is helping to deliver humanitarian aid—including along the Mediterranean and Western Balkans migratory routes in countries of origin, transit and arrival.

The global Red Cross Red Crescent network is delivering lifesaving aid, including food, water, hygiene kits, baby supplies, clothing and first aid kits. Red Cross and Red Crescent teams are also providing health services, shelter, psychosocial support, and reconnecting families separated by the crisis.

American Red Cross Steps Up Support Around the Globe

Since 2011, the American Red Cross has spent or committed more than $2.5 million to support global Red Cross network relief efforts in Syria and neighboring countries, including Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. We have also donated relief supplies to support people affected by violence and conflict in Syria.

Whether on the ground or in the sea, our teams are working hard for people in need. Read the firsthand account of a Red Cross disaster responder aboard a migrant rescue boat in the Mediterranean Sea.

We also provide support for information management and mapping to ensure that our sister Red Cross and Red Crescent societies are not responding independently of each other, but rather, have greater situational awareness of the broader crisis. This has allowed for informed decision-making at a global level and has been essential for an emergency of this scale, which can overwhelm local Red Cross and Red Crescent branches.

In Europe, with financial support from the American Red Cross, Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers have delivered vital services for people affected by the migration crisis in places like Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Germany and Hungary. The American Red Cross has also provided relief items and deployed disaster response specialists to help with information management, relief and communications on the ground.

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Find a Family Member

If you or a family member are separated by an international crisis, the American Red Cross can help you connect with loved ones.

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