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Red Cross Nursing Network

Supporting and Nurturing the Profession That Gives so Much to the Red Cross

Nursing has a strong legacy with the American Red Cross and thousands of nurses are in service across our organization today. Leadership for all Red Cross nursing activities is provided by our National Nursing Committee, while the daily work in communities, schools and homes is carried out by the Nursing Network. All Red Cross nurses are part of the Nursing Network.

The Nursing Network helps the Red Cross recruit, engage and recognize the nurses and other health professionals who are so essential to fulfilling our mission. Consistently ranked first as the most trusted profession in the United States, nurses come to the Red Cross with extensive education and training, ready to help their communities be healthier and more resilient.

The Red Cross Nursing Network is actively seeking nurses who are interested in taking leadership roles in their communities. For more information on how you can become more involved in the Nursing Network, please email us.

Heritage Program and Nursing Matters Newsletter

The National Nursing Committee established the Heritage program in 2010 to reconnect with former Red Cross Nurses, recognize and support Red Cross nursing activities, and preserve Red Cross nursing history. Highlighting past and current accomplishments can inspire the nursing workforce of today and tomorrow.

Our quarterly newsletter, Nursing Matters: Past and Present, keeps nurses and other health professionals up to date on current initiatives and successes.

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  • Chief Nurse Initiatives

    Each year, the Chief Nurse of the American Red Cross establishes strategic operational goals that support nursing and health integration throughout the Red Cross in order to reach more people in more communities:
  • We need health professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise to effectively accomplish the work.
  • We will continue to embrace Academic Service Learning and support new health professionals and students in this work.
  • We will also work to promote volunteer satisfaction through training, best practices and recognition.
  • The Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross are the foundation for our work. In addition, our fiscal 2018 initiatives align with key recommendations from the IOM Future of Nursing Goals:
  • Prepare and enable nurses to lead change to advance health (i.e., ensure that leadership positions are available to and filled by nurses)
  • Remove scope-of-practice barriers (i.e., nurses should practice to the full extent of their education and training)
  • Ensure that nurses engage in lifelong learning
  • Meet our Chief Nurse, Linda MacIntyre

    Red Cross Nursing Leadership

    national nursing committee

    National Nursing Committee

    The National Nursing Committee (NNC) was established in 1910, with Jane Delano as its first chair. Local and state committees were also established. The NNC supported and guided nursing involvement in all Red Cross services. Over time, the NNC was eliminated and then reestablished. The most recent NNC has functioned continuously since 1992. Today, the NNC is actively working with strategic initiatives and work groups to promote and guide nursing involvement throughout the entire Red Cross. The NNC supports nurse recruitment, retention and partnerships that represent the communities served by the Red Cross; pursues creative activities to meet community and public health needs; and develops nurse volunteers to meet mentoring and leadership opportunities across the organization. The NNC takes a leadership role in resource development to ensure adequate future funding for nursing and health-related activities in the Red Cross.

    Nursing Network Leadership

    The Nursing Network leaders recruit and support nurses and other health professionals to achieve the strategic goals of the American Red Cross. This diverse and committed group includes many nationally-recognized leaders in our profession:

  • Carmen Kynard, DNP, RN, FNP-BC, NP-C, MBA - National Chair of Nursing, Kynard is also VP of Nursing for Strategic Behavioral Health.
  • Donna Dorsey, MS, RN, FAAN - Vice Chair of Sustainability, Dorsey also serves as a Division Nurse Leader, Nursing Network Director, and CNO Senior Consultant.
  • Susan Hassmiller, Ph.D., RN, FAAN - A National Nursing Committee member, Hassmiller is Senior Advisor for Nursing at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and previously served on the Board of Governors of the American Red Cross
  • Rebecca Harris-Smith, EdD, MSN, BA - Representing the National Black Nurses Association (NBNA), Harris-Smith is a National Nursing Committee member.
  • Leader Network Contacts

    To locate Nursing Network leaders in your area or to learn more about Red Cross Volunteer Health Professional leadership opportunities, please email us.