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At Anthem, Inc., we believe that giving back to the community is not only a privilege; it's a responsibility. And when it comes to disaster relief, our company, foundation and associates believe that the best approach is a proactive one. This approach makes the dollars immediately available for the American Red Cross to utilize in a specific disaster situation. The Anthem Foundation is proud of our long-standing support of the American Red Cross and its continued efforts to provide effective and efficient relief to communities impacted by disaster.

Because of our proactive support, the Red Cross is on the ground and taking action right now.

In early 2012, Anthem Foundation earned the prestigious honor of being named a member of the Annual Disaster Giving Program (ADGP). As a member of ADGP, the Foundation ensures that the American Red Cross is prepared before disaster strikes. We are proud to be associated with the other ADGP members who, together, secure a reliable funding base for disaster relief services that enables the Red Cross to respond immediately, meeting the needs of individuals and families affected by disaster anywhere in the United States, regardless of cost.

Associate Engagement

Anthem associates, and those of our subsidiaries, are encouraged to engage with the American Red Cross through financial giving and volunteerism.

Through our year-round Associate Giving Program, the Anthem Foundation matches associate donations to hundreds of eligible nonprofit organizations - including the Red Cross - at 50 percent.

From organized blood drives at office locations across the country, to emergency preparedness training, our associates commit their time, energy and resources toward disaster relief efforts in many ways.

Wellpoint ERV

The ERVs are a vital resource that aides the American Red Cross in response efforts. From meals being served, volunteers being deployed and cleaning supplies being shipped to impacted areas, the American Red Cross relies on the ERVs to get the resources to the people in need, including our company’s own members.

American Red Cross gets new emergency vehicle in St. Louis

For more information on our company and associate support of the American Red Cross, visit the Anthem Foundation on tumblr.