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Tiffany Circle

Women Leading Through Philanthropy

More than 130 years ago, Clara Barton established the American Red Cross by engaging talented, committed and compassionate women dedicated to saving lives. In 2006, her legacy continued when the Tiffany Circle was formed to unite and engage a group of generous and highly-involved women to continue to ensure that the Red Cross has the ability to help people prevent, prepare for and respond to life's emergencies.

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Tiffany Circle Mission

The Tiffany Circle is a community of women leaders who advance the American Red Cross mission through a focused investment of time, talent and treasure by engaging women locally, nationally and internationally.

The Tiffany Circle takes its name from the historic stained glass windows in the Board of Governors Hall at Red Cross national headquarters in Washington, D.C. Installed in 1917, the windows were commissioned from the Louis Comfort Tiffany Studios. The windows cost $10,000 and were jointly purchased by the Women’s Relief Corps of the North and the United Daughters of the Confederacy of the South as an act of reconciliation and hope. Tiffany Circle members from across the country, each donate $10,000 or more annually to support the American Red Cross.

Tiffany Circle Member Donor Experiences

Tiffany Circle members have the opportunity to develop a deeper connection with the Red Cross through mission experiences and regular communication.
  • Opportunities to participate in hands-on local mission experiences including the Home Fire Preparedness Campaign and other volunteer activities. These are organized through local chapters and regions.
  • Invitation to a Women’s Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. held at the national headquarters for the American Red Cross. This national event offers members the opportunity to enhance their philanthropic leadership through educational and inspirational sessions led by prominent speakers. Members meet fellow philanthropists from around the world and share Red Cross stories and best practices.
  • Subscription to the Tiffany Circle e-newsletter, The Torch, which is circulated every other month. The newsletter includes recent program updates, chapter and member news and any national event invitations.
  • Access to The Source, a social media website exclusively for Tiffany Circle members. This members-only site includes member profiles, events, updates, blog, photos and more.
  • Invitation to annual “State of the Red Cross” call. Tiffany Circle members are invited to this call hosted by American Red Cross President and CEO Gail McGovern. This is typically hosted in the spring.
  • On those occasions of disaster or critical breaking news of the American Red Cross, a National Update Call will be created to include our Tiffany Circle members.
  • Recognition by the local chapter on a Donor Roll Call.
  • Tiffany Circle Leadership

    The Tiffany Circle National Council oversees the strategy and direction of the Tiffany Circle of the American Red Cross. The Council consists of Tiffany Circle members in good standing who are elected by the Council to serve a three-year term. Volunteer members must be at least a second year and current Tiffany Circle member having made an annual gift to the American Red Cross of $10,000 or more.
    Tiffany Circle National Council Volunteer Leadership
    Karen Teller
    Karen Teller

    Tiffany Circle National Council Chair

  • Roz Alford, Georgia Region
  • Rachel Allen, Western North Carolina Region
  • Beth Allen, Los Angeles Region
  • Suzy Bashore, North Texas Region
  • Judy Beck, Los Angeles Region
  • Barbara Bovender, Tennessee Region
  • Teresa Carlson, National Capital Region
  • Chris Carlton, Northern California Coastal Region
  • Kathy Flynn, Ohio Buckeye Region
  • Janet George-Murnick, North Jersey Region
  • Sara Horein, Wisconsin Region
  • Jill Howard, Kentucky Region
  • Katie Incantalupo, Minnesota Region
  • Deidra Jackson, Louisiana Region
  • Sandra Klein, South Carolina Region
  • Laurie Laidlaw, Northeast Ohio Region
  • Jodi Lash, North Texas Region
  • Elena Luca, South Florida Region
  • Elaine Lyerly, Western North Carolina Region
  • Judy McCormack, Chicago and Northern Illinois Region
  • Tammy Moore, National Capital Region
  • Eleanor Morgan, Georgia Region
  • Alexandra Pastor, Northern California Coastal Region
  • Elisa Rapaport, Greater New York Region
  • Beth Renner, Dakotas Region
  • Maya Rogers, Pacific Islands Region
  • Joyce Shields, National Capital Region
  • Karen Teller, Massachusetts Region
  • Janis Tratnik, Chicago and Northern Illinois Region
  • Lynn White, Arizona New Mexico El Paso Region
  • Torchbearers have completed their tenure on the National Council but they continue to serve the Tiffany Circle in an advisory capacity.
  • Martha Allen, Carolina Region
  • Terri Badour Duckett, Georgia Region
  • Lori Bents, Minnesota Region
  • Julia Bianchi, South Florida Region
  • Rosalie Clough, Georgia Region
  • BJ Coffman, North Texas Region
  • Gloria Danovitz South Florida Region
  • Diane Davis, Kentucky Region
  • Suzanne Detlefs, Georgia Region
  • Nancy Elwood, Michigan Region
  • Suzanne Fradette, Desert to the Sea Region
  • Mimi Heuser, Kentucky Region
  • Rachel Hodges, South Carolina Region
  • Kacie Kelly, Louisiana Region
  • Cameron Markley, Massachusetts Region
  • Janis Martinez, Georgia Region
  • Carol Maxwell, North Texas Region
  • Susan McCracken, Western North Carolina Region
  • Virginia Merkel, Indiana Region
  • Erika Millet, Greater New York Region
  • Magen Moody-Ramos North Texas Region
  • Mary Pang, Northern California Coastal Region
  • Carla Paulson, Minnesota Region
  • Jamie Rechter, Tennessee Region
  • Moe Rouse, Greater Cincinnati-Dayton Region
  • Melanie Sabelhaus, Chesapeake Region
  • Nini Sakaguchi, Los Angeles Region
  • Jill Valenti, Central Florida Region
  • Betsy Wills, Kentucky Region
  • Kimberly Gire, Australian Red Cross Tiffany Circle
  • Tanja Mirazic, Canadian Red Cross Tiffany Circle
  • Sindy Newman, British Red Cross Tiffany Circle
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