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Thank you for your interest in holding an auction or a raffle to benefit the American Red Cross! An in-person auction – whether hosted or silent – can be an energizing addition to your next picnic, pep rally, holiday party or other event. Alternatively, you can also reach potential donors worldwide through an online auction hosted by eBay.

Please consult our guidelines below for instructions on holding online and in-person auctions.

In-Person Auctions and Raffles
We'd like to know more about the auction or raffle you would like to conduct in support of the Red Cross. Please complete this form to describe your request. When you have completed the form you will receive an email confirming your submission.
The Red Cross is proud to work with eBay Giving Works, where you can buy and sell to support our cause.
  • Sellers can donate 10-100% of their listing's final sale price to the Red Cross by auctioning their items on eBay Giving Works.
  • Anyone can shop items for sale that benefit the American Red Cross.
  • Buyers can donate $1 (or more) whenever they make a purchase on eBay and pay using PayPal. Make the Red Cross your Favorite Nonprofit and you’ll see them every time you shop.
  • MissionFish
    MissionFish is the organization that powers the eBay Giving Works program. MissionFish processes all donations that result from successful eBay Giving Works listings, as well as Donate Now and Give at Checkout donations. The organization collects eBay members' donations and makes sure that every donation intended for the American Red Cross is received, allowing us to focus on our mission.
    Use the Web Thrift Store to Fundraise for the Red Cross

    What is the Web Thrift Store?

    The Web Thrift Store is an online platform that allows donors to list their personal items, set a price, and then donate the proceeds of the sale to the Red Cross.

    How does this help the American Red Cross?

    The Web Thrift Store platform allows you to turn your excess stuff into cash in support of American Red Cross Disaster Relief. You can help people affected by disasters big and small by selling your personal items and donating the proceeds of the sale to the Red Cross.

    How to get started:

    1. Take photos of any items that you’d like to donate.

    2. Visit our WebThriftStore at

    3. Click DONATE YOUR STUFF NOW to upload photos, price and description.

    4. When your items sell the funds will be donated directly to the American Red Cross.

    Who can I contact with questions?

  • For general Web Thrift Store inquiries, contact:
  • Learn more about fundraising for the American Red Cross
  • General Red Cross inquiries
  • Donate Now

    Support all the urgent humanitarian needs of the American Red Cross.

    $10.00 is the minimum online donation amount. All donations are tax deductible.