Coping with Disasters During the Holidays

Disasters are stressful, especially during the holidays.

If you’ve been affected by Super Storm Sandy or any other recent disaster, holidays can bring times of both hope and stress.

The good news is that stress after a disaster or during the holidays is common and usually temporary. Also, we all have experience coping with stressful events and can usually “bounce back” after difficult times.

Here is some information on disaster reactions and tips for taking care of the emotional health of you, your family and friends during the holidays.

Each positive action you take can help you feel better and more in control.

Red Cross volunteer comforting a crying woman

What You May Be Feeling Now

When recovering from a disaster, especially during the holidays, we can have a variety of reactions, all of which are common.

Woman cleaning up after a disaster

Taking Action

Getting ourselves and our lives back in a routine that is comfortable for us takes time.

Woman getting a hug from a Red Cross volunteer

If You Still Don't Feel Better

Many people have experience coping with stressful life events and typically feel better after a few days.