Taking Action

Take care of your safety. Focus first on ensuring you have a safe place to stay and that your physical needs are met.

Eat healthy. Maintain a balanced diet and drink plenty of water. Too much holiday “cheer” can increase your stress.

Get some rest. With so much to do, it can be difficult to rest or get adequate sleep. Giving your body and mind a break can boost your ability to cope with stress.

Reach out to others. If you find yourself in new surroundings, reach out to those around you. Giving and receiving support is important.

Be patient with yourself and with those around you. Recognize that others may be struggling to cope with the disaster during the holidays and may need your patience and support.

Honor your holiday traditions, but be flexible and prepared to engage in new activities this year.

Set priorities. Tackle tasks in small steps.

Gather information about assistance and resources that will help you and your family members meet your needs.

Stay positive. Remind yourself of how you’ve successfully gotten through difficult times in the past.

If you have children, give them extra time, hugs and patience. Provide them with reassurance of your family’s recovery plans. Involving them in activities to assist others can help them cope.