What You May Be Feeling Now

When recovering from a disaster, especially during the holidays, we can have a variety of reactions, all of which are common. Most of these reactions are temporary and will go away over time. Try to accept whatever reactions you may have. Look forward, one small step at a time, and focus on taking care of your needs and those of your friends and family.

These reactions can inlude:

  • Feeling sad that a normally joyful time of the year now feels burdened with trying to find a new home or with memories of a lost loved one
  • Feeling lonely, especially when holiday sights and sounds remind us of happier times or of those we will be missing from this year’s rituals
  • Feeling overwhelmed or unable to plan daily activities, including holiday activities
  • Feeling physically and mentally drained
  • Having difficulty making decisions or staying focused on tasks at hand
  • Becoming easily frustrated with daily tasks or with family and friends
  • Arguing more with those around us
  • Feeling tired, numb, or worried
  • Experiencing changes in appetite or sleep patterns
  • Increasing alcohol or substance use
  • Children can experience all of the reactions above, but they can also resume earlier behaviors (e.g., thumb-sucking or bed-wetting or “acting out”)