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Coping with Deployments Course

Coping with Deployments: Psychological First Aid for Military Families

The American Red Cross believes it is important to prepare family members to deal with the challenges of serving at home while their loved one is deployed.

Coping with Deployments: Psychological First Aid for Military Families was developed out of the Red Cross' continuing commitment to serving military families wherever they reside. This course provides useful information on how to strengthen your ability to respond to the challenges you may encounter throughout the deployment cycle. It was designed specifically for the spouses, parents, older children, siblings and significant others of service members, as well as for military members who may take the course with their family. Veterans and their family members are also eligible.

This excellent course offers guidelines for increasing resiliency in ourselves and our children and also provides information on how to provide psychological first aid to others experiencing stressful feelings or events. It can also serve as a useful link to connect you with other military families in your community.

Get Immediate Assistance

If your military family has an emergency need for communication, you can:

  • Submit a request online
  • Call the American Red Cross at (877) 272-7337
  • Availability
    Coping with Deployments is available in both English and Spanish as an instructor-led course or an online course through the Red Cross Learning Center. There is no charge for the course. Call your local Red Cross to schedule this training for your Family Readiness Group (FRG), spouses’ club or other group or to find out if a course is being taught in your area.

    To register and take the online course in EMBARC, the Red Cross Education Management Base, go to:

    If you are a first-time user of the Red Cross Learning Center, please register as a New User (there is no cost for registering).

  • Log in to the Learning Center.
  • In the search box in the top right of the browser window, type "Coping with Deployments" and click on the magnifying glass to begin the search.
  • When the search results appear, click the "Launch" button directly below the name of the course you wish to take (NOTE: There is no cost for taking Coping with Deployments.).
  • You will be immediately enrolled and the course will begin.