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Reconnection Workshops

Free, confidential workshops can help with reintegration.

Since 9/11, service members have faced multiple deployments to conflict zones around the world. Transitioning back home can be hard, and many service members and veterans have experienced challenges readjusting into life with their families, their jobs and their communities. This Red Cross program aims help ease that transition.

Reconnection Workshops, which are free and confidential, focus on individual and small group discussion that enhances the likelihood of positive reconnections among family members and others in the community, and the successful re-engagement of service members and veterans in civilian life.

Workshops assist those impacted by a military deployment and bridge all branches of the Armed Forces. We invite Reserve, National Guard, active duty service members, veterans and their families to participate.

Adult participants can choose from five different topics, and children/teens can choose from two different topics. Sessions and materials focus on learning useful skills, developing effective coping mechanisms, and where to find resources.

Adult Workshop Topics

Communicating Clearly

Often, families find themselves feeling like strangers after months of separation. The means of communication at home are often different than those used during deployment. This module helps participants improve their communication skills to better manage the post-deployment period.

Exploring Stress and Trauma

This module is designed to help returning service members and their families recognize and manage post deployment stress and other war related concerns, including trauma issues. Left unaddressed, stress and trauma could lead to a variety of negative outcomes for the returning service member and his or her family.

Identifying Depression

This module is designed to help participants recognize and manage those behaviors, thoughts and feelings that could be signs or symptoms of depression. Feeling depressed is a fairly common experience. Depression is often seen in conjunction with PTSD, TBI and other disorders. This module will help participants identify problematic symptoms, find ways to address and/or manage them, and figure out when to make a referral or seek additional help.

Relating to Children

This module helps the participants build on their personal strengths and increase their ability to address the issues of children’s adjustment to the return of a military family member following deployment. Information about developmental issues and family dynamics are provided in a variety of activities designed to help adults reconnect with children.

Working Through Anger

This module addresses the anger that can occur when couples, families and other relatives and friends are reunited after a military deployment. Anger is a common feeling after deployment and is a natural human response. This module offers options for how to respond when one is faced with emotionally intense situations and events.

Children/Teen Workshop Topics

Roger That! Communication Counts

The Roger That! Communication Counts workshop focuses on the importance of developing quality interpersonal communication and listening skills.

Operation 10-4: Confident Coping

The Operation 10-4: Confident Coping focuses on bolstering strengths present in older military children to help manage stressful situation

Register for Reconnection Workshops

To register for a Reconnection Workshop, please complete the form below. Once your request has been received, you will be contacted to confirm date, time, location and workshop topic.

SAF Workshops are intended for groups of three or more, and we are unable to accommodate individual requests for workshops at this time. For information on other SAF programs, please contact your local Red Cross chapter.

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