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10 Cool Things Arkansans Need To Know About The Tornado App

Red Cross Tornado App
Any day in Arkansas is potentially a day for tornadoes. The Tornado App is a must.

1. It’s a must. Any day is potentially a day for tornadoes in Arkansas, so download it ASAP from your app store. You can also call **Redcross to receive a text link.

2. Meteorologists think it’s cool. They’re the ultimate gadget people. And, because many are also storm chasers, they appreciate the tons of information included.

3. The TORNADO WARNING, TORNADO WARNING alert. Those are the words you dread, but want to hear, especially if you’re asleep when a warning is issued. You don’t have to have the app open for the warning to blare. Your phone does need to be charged with the volume up.

4. You can pick as many locations as you want to be alerted for. In addition to your home, add in friends or co-workers locations across the state and country who may need a weather safety nudge.

5. The Tool Box features a flashlight, strobe light and alarm. Good for not only storms but finding items and other emergencies.

6. Thumbs Up to the I’m Safe button that let’s you notify friends you’re ok by email, text or the social media of your choice.

7. Tips and more tips from what to do before, during and after power outages, to getting your pets ready for disasters with their own emergency kit.

8. Like challenges? Take the history test and see how many tornadoes have hit Arkansas in the past half century.

9. The convenient Shelter Locator allows you to see Red Cross shelters opened anywhere in the country. Opened shelter locations are provided on maps, with addresses and directions.

10. And, last but first cool thing about the Red Cross app, it enables you to be prepared before disaster strikes. You will also have valuable safety information in your hand to guide you during and after as needed. Download it now. You’ll be glad you did.