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Add Some 'Oomph' to Your Gifts

So, you’ve finished your shopping (or nearly). But if you want to take one or more of those gifts to the next level, it can be done in mere minutes.

What’s the next level, you ask? Simply, giving a gift that not only makes its recipient smile, but helps someone in need at the same time.

Adding a feel-good element to your presents is easy with the Red Cross Holiday Giving Catalog. After choosing a gift, you can print a free greeting card to let the recipient know about the gift you’ve given in their honor. Then just attach it to their present while you’re wrapping it.

Here are some gift combinations to consider this season:

If you’re already giving... Consider adding...
  • 1 An iTunes gift card A music gift card for a wounded warrior. This gift lets servicemen and women download their favorite music to help them relax until they’re back on their feet.
  • 2 A cell phone A phone card for a hero. You can help our deployed service members stay in touch with family and friends, and help make being away just a little more bearable.
  • 3 A gift basket of sweets and snacks Hot meals for disaster survivors. You can help stock our feeding trucks and shelter kitchens this holiday season and make sure no child or family goes hungry when disaster strikes.
  • 4 A coffeemaker, blender or other kitchen item Cooking sets for families overseas. A Red Cross cooking set can restore a family’s independence and allow them to cook and serve food in the wake of a catastrophe.
  • 5 Toys or children’s clothing Measles vaccinations for children overseas. You can help vaccinate a child against this deadly disease and provide protection for life.

What better way to add extra-special meaning to the holiday season than by helping others? Go to the Red Cross Holiday Giving Catalog for more gift-giving ideas.