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Are YOU Prepared? Red Cross Babysitter Training Changes Lives

Red Cross Babysitter Training is a very effective tool to jumpstart your teen’s career. It teaches them responsibility, safety and professionalism, but YOUR Red Cross wants to take this further. We believe that babysitting training can be used by our youth in other ways to not only benefit themselves, but also to help people in need. Not only is it a great tool to kickstart a resume, it changes lives.

So how do we know this? The Red Cross in Colorado has shown us! After a wildfire in Colorado, the Red Cross set up a shelter in a local high school where three youth volunteers started a “Kids Zone”. This “Zone” was designed to entertain children during the day to give parents a chance to deal with issues that occur after an evacuation. Parents could talk to Red Cross representatives, banks, insurance agents, and work out other important details while their children were being supervised and entertained by a group of certified babysitter’s right there in the shelter. The Kids Zone was equipped with toys, crayons, books, and other fun materials appropriate for a range of ages. It proved to be a successful tool in alleviating some stress and parents were very appreciative of the youth volunteers for it!

Having Babysitter-Certified youth volunteers at the ready can do a great deal of good in Red Cross Shelters. Helping the parents focus on tasks to get their lives back together not only helps them recover quicker, but that one-on-one time with a Red Cross Representative will make our services more effective. It also provides our youth with valuable experience and gets them involved in making a difference!

We want more babysitter certified teens in our area so we can provide the same types of services to the communities we serve during a disaster! Who knows what other great ways our youth will come up with to help our community! Anything is possible with the right training! Get your teen involved with the Red Cross through Babysitting Training and open the opportunity for irreplaceable experience. Help them be prepared to change the world!

For more information about ongoing babysitting classes and camp for next year, go to or or contact Terra Jeffres at 1-866-206-0256 EXT