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As Residents Clean Up in NJ After Sandy, Red Cross Is There

red cross helps family in seaside heights nj after sandy
...the American Red Cross is the real deal..." said Seaside Heights resident Tom Partyka.

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Tom Partyka and his daughter Stephanie were working against time, trying to start the clean up process of their three rental properties which is how their family survived, financially. Residents had been given the opportunity to return to the barrier island between 8 am and 3pm. Apart for a quick 3 hour visit last week, the town had been under curfew.

The rental business had brought a good living to the Partyka family and was paying for Stephanie’s college fees. Many other local businesses had been similarly affected. Tom Partyka said the shock of the devastation had put his wife in hospital, where she has been for more than a week.

There is no water or power at Seaside heights, so trying to clean up homes, full of mud and debris is a daunting task. The sidewalks are piled high with household effects, which had been ruined by the storm. The whole area had an unpleasant smell caused by sewage that had mixed with the storm water.

When Red Cross workers called round with clean-up kits, food and water in their car, Tom and his Daughter were already both hungry and thirsty.

Tom said they faced a massive task to try and repair the damage done by the storm and admitted he already had rental bookings for July. He said “ The problem is all the floors and doors are warped, the wiring is shot and without water we are simply traipsing the mud every where. I’ve got to keep up the faith, I can’t give up.”

Many different agencies are involved in trying to help the people affected. But he had this to stay about the Red Cross ” I got to really thank the American Red Cross. When we were waiting in-line the other day waiting to come across, they fed us meals, drinks and stuff, they came up the streets. It was something, I would never had believed it until I actually seen it with my own eyes how you guys were fantastic and I’ll never hesitate to dip in my wallet and donate, I’ll tell you that.”

“I was skeptical you know, I never knew where the money was going, but when I seen that, hot meals for people, I said wow, the American Red Cross is the real deal and is something you really have got to believe in and Trust me I’ve experienced it first hand. I can’t thank you enough. Like today water, I was dying of thirst for water and you Guys had water and meal packs. I’m astounded, sounds corny but I really appreciate that kind of stuff, it means a lot to me , it goes a long way.”

Utility workers have told him that it may take many months to restore Gas, Power and water to his town.