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Behind The Red Helps Mitigate Against Wildfire

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"Without volunteers like Behind the Red...these projects would not get done."

May and June 2015 have been so rainy that most people are worried more about flooding than wildfires. However, all this moisture also feeds the growth of potential fuels for fires later this summer.

On Saturday, June 13, 2015, members of Behind The Red and other Mile High Chapter Red Cross volunteers joined Boulder County Parks and Open Space to work on preventative measures to mitigate against wildfire risk.

Earlier this year, Boulder County Parks and Open Space had completed the first phase of pre-disaster fire mitigation by thinning 80 acres of forest around Mud Lake. This was done as part of a FEMA grant. On Saturday, volunteers helped clear debris left over from the thinning, erased roads that had been created, and planted native seeds to help restore the natural habitat. The goal of the project is to decrease fuel for fires, the intensity of fires and the chances of flooding after a fire – thus also decreasing the likelihood of a catastrophe.

This is the third year that members of Behind The Red have worked with Boulder County Parks and Open Space on a fire mitigation project. “Without volunteers like Behind the Red to do the low impact rehab work, these projects would not get done,” said Shane Milne, forestry volunteer coordinator for Boulder County Parks and Open Space.

“We are proud of our partnership with Boulder County Parks and Open Space. These projects are aligned with our Red Cross mission and we always have a great time,” said Mieke Schierer, volunteer committee chair.

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