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Buffalo Resident’s Land Donation Helps Prepare Wyoming

This generous gift from Grover Myers is a wonderful way to kick off our century celebration.

Local resident Grover Myers has donated a 35-acre parcel of land to the American Red Cross to provide services to Wyoming residents.

The land is being sold for more than $300,000, and the proceeds will help the Wyoming Red Cross deliver services and build capacity to prepare Wyomingites for emergencies, provide emergency relief when disasters strike, and help communities recover after disasters.

The generous gift from Myers will support American Red Cross efforts to help launch a comprehensive, statewide Prepare Wyoming campaign that aims to help Wyoming families, businesses and towns be more resilient in the face of disaster.

The Red Cross is celebrating 100 years of service in Wyoming in 2014. “This generous gift from Grover Myers is a wonderful way to kick off our century celebration as we celebrate our past and seek community support to ensure another 100 years of Red Cross service in Wyoming,” said Spencer Pollock, Executive Director of the Red Cross of Wyoming.

Myers, who served in World War II and earned a bronze star for his valor, attended Red Cross Armed Forces clubs in Europe during the conflict. He says the clubs provided a tremendous social outlet and companionship, which he sorely needed in the face of the stressful environment.

Raised in Oklahoma, Myers eventually moved to California to teach science and he later opened an antique store. He started investing in real estate before moving with his late wife Patricia to the Buffalo area in the 1990s.

Myers continued his real estate investing in and around Buffalo. Eventually, he realized that gifting property could not only help him give back to others for the Red Cross help he received, but also provide a significant income tax deduction.

“It seemed like a win-win idea to me,” Myers said. “I like giving things to other people and this seemed like a great way to help the people of Wyoming.”

Donating residential, commercial or undeveloped real estate is a tax-wise alternative to making a cash donation to the Red Cross. A land donation can provide capital gain tax relief and a significant income tax deduction. If you would like to donate land or other appreciated property to the American Red Cross, contact Paul Jonas at 303-607-4737 or