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Burger King Corp. Helps Red Cross Buy Emergency Vehicles

The American Red Cross is rolling out 10 new emergency response vehicles used to distribute food, water and other supplies in times of disaster this week in Orlando, Fla.

These newest vehicles—known as "ERVs"—come to the Red Cross thanks to Burger King Corp. (BKC). Earlier this year, the restaurant chain collected contributions from its customers over a six-week period in support of the Red Cross. The collected donations were used solely to purchase as many ERVs as possible, to be placed in communities around the country.

The 10 new ERVs feature the Burger King logo as a way to recognize their generous contribution. One of the ERVs will also be stationed in Miami, Fla., home to Burger King Corp.’s headquarters—as well as one of the country’s most hurricane-prone cities.

“Through our partnership with the Red Cross, BKC, its franchisees, employees and guests have been able to positively affect the communities in which we work and live,” said Steve Wiborg, president, North America, Burger King Corp. “These new emergency response vehicles will help the Red Cross meet the needs of our neighbors, whether they are down the street or in the next state.”

Ten new Red Cross emergency response vehicles (ERVs) are being rolled out this week in Orlando, Fla., thanks to a partnership with Burger King Corp.

Red Cross ERV drivers will arrive in Orlando on Wednesday and undergo training on the new vehicles the following day. The drivers will then begin their road trips, taking the ERVs to their new homes in Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Louisiana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon and Texas.

The new ERVs join a fleet of more than 300 Red Cross emergency vehicles that are ready to respond to disaster around the country. After a disaster, such as this spring’s deadly tornadoes, Red Cross workers use these vehicles to distribute food, water and critical supplies to people in need.

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