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Club Red, Northwest Ohio

Women have long played an important role in the Red Cross. In fact, Clara Barton started the American Red Cross over 125 years ago. Since that time, women have been instrumental in nurturing and caring for victims during and after disasters. Women have also been an integral part of other aspects of the Red Cross by caring for soldiers during war, teaching lifesaving first aid and CPR classes, raising the funds to keep our mission vibrant, and so much more.

Club Red is a ladies-only organization to honor and harness the wide contribution of women to the Red Cross. Our goal is to find committed women in our community to support the Red Cross, not only financially, but with their time and talents as well. Club Red women advance the work we do in our community and find new ways to use the resources the Red Cross provides. Club Red provides many opportunities to extend the reach of the Red Cross throughout northwest Ohio. We currently have a very active Club Red chapter in Ottawa County.

For more information contact Beth Leggett at 419-734-1100 or