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Coastal Bend Volunteer Provides Emotional Care to Sandy Victims

David Tapscott

Amidst all the hardship and devastation Sandy disaster victims are overcoming, David Tapscott, Red Cross Volunteer, helped many New York residents’ initiate their road to recovery after Super Storm Sandy hit the East Coast.

David juggles many activities where his skills are required. He is EMS trained in CPR and is also a Licensed Professional Councilor (LPC) running a medical counseling clinic for the homeless for Metro Ministries. He has taught Red Cross CPR classes for ten years and, after obtaining his LPC license, has volunteered during disasters for four years, providing emotional support to disaster victims for the American Red Cross Coastal Bend-Texas Chapter.

After Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, David provided crisis counseling for both Red Cross workers and disaster victims in the Nassau Community College shelter in Long Island. There he was touched by the observations he made, David says “I noticed the endless rows of cots, how people would gather their personal belongings in close proximity of their sleeping area and how complete strangers would form a new family shelter environment.”

His trained skills and expertise allowed him to assist many workers and victims in Long Island. His primary duties were to help volunteers cope with long shifts, shelter mediator, help victims cope with post disaster shock, and other mental states of mind like depression, anxiety, and grief.

After speaking with David and learning about what he has done at the American Red Cross, you wonder what he loves most about volunteering. David says, “I empathize with the disaster clients and I enjoy helping people get through the hardest emotions when they need it most. I truly encourage others to learn about the Red Cross because you never know when an emergency might occur.”