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Colorado Red Cross Deploying Team to California FIres

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Two Emergency Response Vehicles and Two Teams of Volunteers Heading West

Denver, CO Tuesday, Sep. 22, 2015 The American Red Cross of Colorado is sending additional resources to join the more than 300 Red Cross disaster workers currently helping people affected by wildfires in California.

Volunteers will depart the Mile High Chapter in Denver this afternoon aboard a Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) heading to Grand Junction CO where they will pick up a second ERV from the Western Colorado Chapter. The teams and two ERVs will then head to Valley Springs, CA to help with the Red Cross disaster response.

Bill and Judy Howell, a husband/wife team from Estes Park, CO, will depart the Mile High Chapter heading west. This will be the first deployment as an ERV team for this couple who have been Red Cross volunteers for a little over one year. “We are excited to have the opportunity to help,” Bill Howell said. “We know that people in California are really struggling and with the ERV we will be able to bring them food, water and other items that they desperately need.”

Peter Dunn is from Parker, CO and has been a Red Cross volunteer for only a few months. This will be his first deployment for the Red Cross.

David Fugazzi is a seasoned Red Cross volunteer from Centennial, CO. This will be his sixth deployment which includes support for the floods and wildfires in Colorado.

“When I see our volunteers stepping up to help others it really warms my heart,” said Troy Staples, disaster workforce manager for the Colorado & Wyoming Region. “Helping people is what they all train for…and what they do the best.”

The Red Cross Colorado and Wyoming Region now has 10 disaster workers deployed to California and now adds two Emergency Response Vehicles to the list. A typical disaster deployment for a Red Cross volunteer is 14 to 21 days. The Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) is the flagship of the Red Cross disaster relief effort. It is often used as a feeding vehicle and will transport hot meals, water and other items to areas where evacuees or fire fighters are in need. The Red Cross has over 300 of the vehicles available throughout the country to provide essential service delivery.