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Dignity Health to Sponsor Be Red Cross Ready in May

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Be Red Cross Ready helps individuals and families prepare for emergencies and disasters.

During the month of May, we are pleased to recognize Dignity Health as our Be Red Cross Ready sponsor. Their generous sponsorship will ensure that families are prepared to take care of their own needs within the first 72 hours after any disaster or emergency, large or small. Additionally, community members who are “Red Cross Ready” are better equipped to take action and help their neighbors when disaster strikes.

Dignity Health has been a close partner with the American Red Cross for more than 13 years. They have provided immediate disaster response efforts to help those affected by both Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina.

Additionally, Dignity Health has championed the Prepare Bay Area initiative and the Catastrophic Disaster Response Plan while supporting the organization’s Ready Rating program and Red Cross Youth Services department.

In recognition of their commitment to service and disaster preparedness, generous sponsorship, and dedication to the humanitarian mission of the Red Cross, we are honored to award their CEO, Lloyd Dean, as our 2013 Humanitarian CEO of the Year.

Learn how to become Red Cross Ready.

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