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Disaster Action Teams Aren't For The Faint Of Heart

La Cruz Roja Americana Refuerza Y Amplia La Ayuda A Oklahoma | Volunteer hugs woman after tornado destroyed her home
Will you be there for someone at possibly the worst moment of their life?

Do you like to be part of the action? Do you enjoy being the hero- jumping in to save someone’s day?  Can you be ready at a moment’s notice? Do you love people enough to be there for them at possibly the worst moments of their lives?

You might have what it takes to be on a Red Cross Disaster Action Team.

After the storm has passed or the fire has been put out, a person may be left with nothing more than the clothes on their back. They’re at a point where they aren’t sure what to do or where to start. That’s the point when the Red Cross Disaster Action Team shows up.

“The mission of the Red Cross is to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors”. DAT members are the first line of defense. You arrive at the scene to assess the most pressing needs and try to find a way to fill them. Sometimes that means offering a blanket… or a snack and a bottle of water. Other times it means making arrangements for temporary shelter. It may simply mean giving a child a teddy bear to calm them down.

Your first step to volunteer is to complete a Volunteer Application where you will create a User Name and Password to log into Volunteer Connection. Once the application has been submitted, volunteers will then complete a series of steps that include an online orientation, background check and reading and agreeing to Red Cross policies. Disaster Action Team members will also need to take several training classes. 

To start your application, go to our website. If you have questions, contact Anne Vestal, Regional Director of Volunteers at or 336-332-6916.