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Fall River fire affects eight families

Eastern MA - Fall River fire affects eight families

The fire was on Williams Street, starting in one large multi-unit home and spreading to another. When American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts volunteers were done for the night, they had assisted 12 adults, 10 children, seeing six families into a hotel tonight.

Three people chose to stay with friends and family. Red Cross volunteers offered emergency temporary shelter, a hotel stay, for a total of 19 persons being put up in hotels tonight.

American Red Cross volunteers "canteened" for 69 people including those put out by the fire and first responders, offering snacks and other refreshments over the evening. The local Domino's at 407 South Main St. sold a neighbor 2 pizzas for those affected by fire; they gave the Red Cross 7 free pizzas to distribute.

Among the other items given out were:

  • Six toys, including a stuffed giraffe
  • Smoke packs. A fire is a traumatic event, and if a favorite blanket or sweatshirt can be salvaged, it is comforting to keep that item. Smoke packs are packages of strong detergents that remove the smoke smell from salvaged items.
  • Dust masks for firefighters who needed to go back into the building.
  • This is a large event for the American Red Cross, and the second fire in 24 hours volunteers reported to Fall River.

    The aid we give is free to those facing disaster; However it is funded in whole by donations from the American public. If you can help fund local disaster relief, please Go To RedCross.Org to donate or give your time.

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