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FedEx: A Valued Red Cross Partner

Clean up kits
FedEx, a founding member of the Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program, has provided millions of dollars in cash and in-kind services over the years.

During a disaster, everyday things we usually take for granted become precious. Toothbrushes, combs, shampoo and other personal items that go into American Red Cross comfort kits bring smiles to young and old alike. So do the mops, buckets, detergent and sponges in Red Cross clean-up kits.

Since Superstorm Sandy made landfall on October 27, the Red Cross has distributed more than three million relief items, and the provision of comfort kits and clean-up kits continues. Every day the Red Cross is ramping up as more and more people return to their homes. Red Cross volunteers in emergency response vehicles are driving down community streets, delivering food, water, relief supplies and comfort. Bulk distribution centers provide the same to people who are able to walk or drive to pick up supplies.

Help from FedEx Corporation

Most Red Cross disaster responses include dozens of partners. During Superstorm Sandy, for example, the Red Cross is working with more than 50 national partner organizations and their local affiliates. One of these valued partners is FedEx.

FedEx, a founding member of the Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program, has provided millions of dollars in cash and in-kind services over the years. The current five-year pledge of $6 million in cash gifts and in-kind shipping includes an annual gift of $650,000 to disaster relief. Gifts to the general disaster fund ensure that the Red Cross is able to respond immediately to the needs of people affected by disaster.

For more than a decade, FedEx has provided complimentary transportation services and logistical support to help the Red Cross get emergency supplies to areas affected by disasters. The company’s expertise in moving large numbers of packages in extremely short timeframes is a valuable resource for Red Cross workers when critically needed equipment needs to be delivered in a matter of hours rather than days. The current FedEx pledge also includes a $500,000 annual in-kind shipping account to be used in part for disaster relief.

In response to Superstorm Sandy, FedEx contributed an additional $100,000 and $400,000 worth of in-kind transportation services. Already the corporation has shipped about 50 truckloads of Red Cross supplies into New Jersey and New York—many containing clean-up kits and comfort kits.

The Red Cross will be helping people for many weeks to come as they recover from the effects of Superstorm Sandy as well as the nor’easter that left several inches of snow behind. We could not fulfill the Red Cross mission without the generosity of FedEx and other donors.

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