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Fennimore to join Red Cross Communications Team

The American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts has picked Jillian Fennimore to join its growing team.

Fennimore will become Communications Manager for the Eastern Massachusetts Region of 190 cities and towns, supporting disaster relief services, Service to Armed Forces, our food pantry and the mission of the American Red Cross.

Fennimore was named “Journalist of the Year” by Suburban Newspapers of America, a nationwide community newspaper industry group. Fennimore previously covered town hall issues in Scituate, the assault charges against Governor's Councilor Marilyn Devaney and the controversy surrounding the 2009 arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates. She is currently editor of the Somerville Journal. She will report to Director of Communications Kat Powers, also a GateHouse alum.

“How awesome is it that we get to have Jillian join us, someone who swims in social media?” asked Powers. “It will be exciting to continue to build a public affairs department with someone like Jillian on board.”

A communications team versed in social media is one of the new initiatives of Eastern Massachusetts CEO Jarrett Barrios, who can be found himself at @JarrettBarrios on twitter. “Not only do we need to embrace these new tools, but we need to have built social networks to support our efforts before disaster strikes.”

Fennimore starts her new post March 29. She can be found on twitter at @SomerJille before she starts at @RedCrossEastMA.