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Fire Prevention One House At A Time

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On Saturday, October 25, going door to door the American Red Cross and the Chesterfield Fire Department asked residents if they had a smoke detector and if not, could they install a new one for free. If they had a smoke detector, their current detectors were checked and new batteries were installed, if needed. Seven Red Cross volunteers - Rebecca Ernst, the team leader, Al Covington, Holly Fairbee, Jeff Allen, Kevin Hoonan, Nadia Trznadel, and Andy Klein teamed up with Chesterfield Station 3 and firefighters Michael Marten, James Bourdon, Michael James, Matt Buss, and Paul Marsee to canvass the surrounding neighborhood. The residents who came to their doors were greeted by Red Cross red and white and firefighter blue all seeking to ensure fewer people die this winter from home fires. Well over 400 fires displace families into the streets of Richmond each year. Saturday's event was a part of a new campaign that aims to reduce the number of deaths and injuries from home fires by as much as 25 percent over the next five years. Along with installing smoke alarms, the Red Cross is joining with fire departments and community groups nationwide to canvass neighborhoods and teach people all over the United States about fire safety. People can visit to find out more about how to protect themselves and their loved homes from fire or contact their local Red Cross to find out the location of local smoke alarm installation events.