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Get the App That Can Help Save Lives

First Aid App
I was amazed and grateful that she had this information at her fingertips.

The American Red Cross First Aid app has been downloaded more than 630,000 times since its release this summer, and we’ve already heard stories of how people have used it in emergencies.

People have used the app to respond to everything from cuts and sprains to choking, seizures and strokes. Here are a few of the stories people have shared through the app’s “Story Share” function.

Quick Thinking in a Critical Emergency

“I was at a restaurant and a man lost consciousness for a minute...I turned and looked at him to get a quick assessment and noticed his face was droopy on one side. I asked him, ‘Can I take a look, sir?’ and he said, ‘Yes, but I'm fine.’

I said, ‘Sir, can you smile for me?’ and only one side smiled...He said, ‘Man, I'm starting to feel a little dizzy,’ so I put my jacket on the floor and asked him to lie down for a minute, and asked him if I could have a friend of mine check him out (which were the paramedics I got the hosts to call).

Right when the paramedics arrived, he [lost consciousness] again...The paramedic called me a couple days later and said because of my quick thinking he had no permanent damage from the stroke. So thank you for your app, otherwise I would have never thought to do what I did!”

Grateful for a Stranger’s Help

“I have some health problems, but the worst is the seizures. I collapsed on the sidewalk and couldn't respond because I was overcome with the convulsions. A wonderful woman stopped and helped me. She told me later that she knew to turn me and move everything away from me, along with some basic first aid.

I asked her who she knows who has seizures, and she said ‘no one.’ Then she showed me this app and what it taught her. I was amazed and grateful that she had this information at her fingertips.”

Helping a Friend in Need

“I was in my friend’s car with two other people when suddenly a friend of mine starting having a seizure. I immediately looked at this app for help while calling 9-1-1 on another phone. I told the police about it and they said that there's a good chance the information in this app saved my friend’s life. Thank you, American Red Cross.”

The American Red Cross First Aid app is available for iPhone and Android devices, and gives you instant access to the information you need to know to handle the most common first aid emergencies.

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