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Greater Columbus Names Outstanding Volunteers

Greater Columbus Names Outstanding Volunteers
We are proud and humbled that all of our volunteers have chosen the Red Cross as their way to give back

We’re sending out congratulations and a big thank you to those recently named Outstanding Volunteer for their department in the GreaterColumbus Chapter. Here’s a high five for:

  • Stephanie Heckman in Communications, for her hard work on internal and external messaging. Stephanie is appreciated for her can-do attitude, and her exceptional and prolific writing.
  • Sue Frank in Community Transportation, for making 525 one-way trips to transport the elderly and disabled to necessary medical appointments. Clients also tell us Sue has a great attitude and is a very good driver.
  • Sue Mathias in Emergency Services, for superb handling of administrative duties like dispatching disaster action teams and answering calls for assistance. Sue has worked every Friday for four years, except when on family vacations.
  • Ame Conover in Financial Development, who jumps right into her assigned tasks and cheerfully helps out. Ame has done so at the Annual golf outing, the Humanitarian of the Year awards and while manning phone lines to provide disaster service information.
  • Kim Tolliver in FAST, for sharing her nursing skills during 152 onsite hours in First Aid Stations. Kim also helps out by providing orientation to new volunteers, and taking the training herself to become a CPR instructor and contribute even further.
  • Shafaq Majeed in Volunteer Services, who takes on projects and sees them through to completion with very little direction. Shafaq has worked in every department in the Chapter and is always smiling and willing.
  • We are proud and humbled that all of our volunteers have chosen the Red Cross as their way to give back. Thanks so much to all of you…and congratulations to those recognized for their outstanding contributions.