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Have a Heart on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and although roses and candy are certainly sweet, the Red Cross has other ways you can make the holiday special.

Give Blood

Donating blood in someone’s honor will show your love and save lives. Donating is even more important right now, because supplies are at a record low. So far this winter, severe weather has led to a shortage of more than 31,000 units of blood.

If you have someone special in your life, why not bring them with you when you donate? You might even find a Red Cross blood drive near you that offers chocolate, flowers or other treats for anyone who comes and tries to give blood.

Take a Class

Looking for that special someone? You never know who you’ll meet in a Red Cross training class. The Red Cross offers a variety of courses, including CPR/AED training, Pet First Aid, Aquatics and more.

If you’re already attached, you can spend time with your sweetheart and learn lifesaving skills by taking a class together. Contact your local Red Cross chapter to see what they offer.


To spend even more quality time with your loved one, consider volunteering together for the Red Cross. You might find yourself helping at a blood drive, comforting disaster victims or teaching a class. Not only will you bond over a shared activity, but you’ll be helping your community and country at the same time.