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Heroes Campaign

For generations, the Red Cross has been providing Heroes to our communities. In order for the Red Cross to meet our commitments now and in the future, we need citizens throughout the Statesboro area willing to be a "HERO" for the American Red Cross. An individual, business or volunteer becomes a HERO by agreeing to raise at least $1,000 for the Southeast Georgia Chapter. Individuals may work alone or may choose to involve their company, civic club, church or school in their fundraising efforts. An individual or business may also choose to donate the needed money. The HEROES campaign is classic "grassroots" fundraising designed to reach hundreds of small donors and capitalize on the high regard in which the American public holds the American Red Cross. ALL contributions will be utilized for local disaster relief services.

How do I get involved?

Contact Cecilia Russo at 912-651-5319 or

Ways to Get involved:


Oversee the entire campaign, recruit leadership committee members, arrange for and run campaign meetings and provide support to campaign participants to ensure goals are met.


Recruit several Heroes for the American Red Cross and support them as they each raise $1,000 for the Red Cross over the campaign period.


Raise or donate a minimum of $1,000 during the campaign and help spread the word about local Red Cross services.

How do people fundraise?

You can raise money by any legal means that works for your group. Here are some examples that have worked well in the past:

• Large business – Host a denim day, and charge your employees $5 to wear jeans for the day.

• Fire departments and city officials – Host a boot drive on a couple busy corners for a morning.

• Individuals – Send a letter to friends and family asking them to support your effort to become a Hero.

• Small business – Donate 10% of your proceeds for the weekend.

• Restaurant – Donate the proceeds from specific menu selections for a month.

• Radio Station – Host an on-air drive.

• Television Station – have a TV celebrity walk multiple miles for donations.

• School – Host a bake sale; organize a car wash; or read-a-thon and collect pledges per page.

• University – Host a happy hour and charge admission.