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Ice Storm Response

Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle providing relief after Superstorm Sandy.
The response began before the storm did...

The past few days have been busy at Red Cross.

The Thursday night/ Friday morning ice storm left hundreds of thousands without power across the Piedmont. Fortunately, we are always “Red Cross ready”. The response began before the storm did. Employees and volunteers had a plan of action before the first ice pellet fell. That allowed the entire process to run smoothly.

·         Thursday night- The winter weather began and volunteers and staff were on-call and ready to respond.

·         Friday morning- the first shelter was opened in Alamance County. Shelters in 5 counties were open by the end of the day. Since there were still thousands without power, the Glenwood Recreation Center in Greensboro remained open until Monday night.

·         There were 84 volunteers, staff and partners opening and staffing shelters

·         Countless hours were put in by all who participated

·         116 people registered in shelters

·         There were 191 overnight stays

·         700 meals were served

·         700+ snacks were served

While all of that was going on, the Disaster Action Teams were still being called out to respond to home fires around the region. There were 20 disaster responses from Thursday through Monday night.  All of this was going on when many volunteers didn’t have power themselves.

While taking care of those affected by the ice storm was the number one concern, there was a search and rescue drill taking place in Stokes County.  Twenty-two volunteers and employees participated, allowing them to practice feeding people during a response. Give Me Shelter, the biggest fundraiser of the year, also took place on Saturday night. We are thankful to the Reynolds American Foundation for making a very generous donation at the event, after recognizing how many have been affected by disasters in the past few months. Little did anyone know, a huge response would be taking place as the check was being presented.