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Iowa Red Cross Offers Babysitter Training

Experienced babysitters can make some great cash and Red Cross chapters across Iowa are offering a course to teach young teens how to launch a babysitting business. Red Cross spokeswoman Kara Kelly says the courses will be offered starting as soon as next week, depending on the Iowa chapter.

“Basic child care skills, like diapering and feeding, also how to choose the correct, safe and age-appropriate games and toys,” Kelly says. “Also, some of the tough things like handling bedtime and discipline issues, and the basics about safety hazards and preventing injuries, a lot of great skills.”

With the Red Cross, teens also have the option of becoming trained and receiving a certificate in Infant and Child CPR and First Aid. Kelly says the course also helps guide youngsters into making themselves more marketable. “The program helps babysitters learn how to run their own business,” Kelly says.

“It’s a cool skill for teenagers between 11 and 15. They’ll learn how to create a resume, how to interview with prospective parents, great ways on how to keep track of babysitting parents, and help teach them how to outline those skills so parents will know exactly what they’re qualified to do.”

A survey found babysitters can make between $6 and $20 an hour, depending on their qualifications. All Red Cross chapters in the state are offering babysitter training classes this spring. “Those are the ones you attend in person and run $85,” Kelly says.

“If you choose to get the First Aid and CPR options, certainly you’ll recoup those dollars really quickly. Another great thing this year, we’re offering an online course, Babysitting Basics, priced at $25, so it’s a bit more budget-friendly.”