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Local Red Cross workers support disaster responses in TX, OK

Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle providing relief after Superstorm Sandy.

Six Red Cross workers from the Colorado & Wyoming Region are lending their expertise and leadership in Red Cross disaster responses in Texas and Oklahoma. 

Jaici Murcia deployed on May 13 to Houston to be a District Director of the Red Cross response to significant flooding. Jaici is the Regional Disaster Officer for the Colorado & Wyoming Region, based in Denver. 

Five other workers deployed in response to tornadoes in Oklahoma:

  • Cindi Shank deployed on May 7 from Wyoming to serve as the Assistant Director of Logistics.
  • Amber Savage deployed on May 13 from Wyoming to serve in a leadership position in the operation. 
  • Sarah Shank-Sammer deployed on May 13 from Wyoming to support Logistics.
  • Eric Wood deployed on May 10 from Denver to assist with disaster Information Technology.
  • Tanya Milelli deployed on May 10 from Aspen, Colo., to work with community partners.

All of these workers are providing support behind the scenes with vital resources that help make it possible for the Red Cross to deliver services. 

Almost 70 people spent Sunday night in shelters in Oklahoma and Texas after last week’s severe weather caused heavy damage in their communities. Red Cross workers have been providing shelter and food, cleaning supplies, health and mental health services, helping with damage assessment and meeting with families to help plan their next steps. 

Emergency response vehicles are traveling through the affected areas, bringing people food and relief supplies and Resource Centers are also open where people can come to be helped by multiple organizations. In the days and weeks ahead, the Red Cross will also be providing health services and emotional support as residents begin to recover from the storms.

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