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Lompoc resident helps out in natural disasters

Sabrina Ross
"A man came up to me and said he'd lost everything.." - Sabrina Ross

Sabrina Ross is one of those American Red Cross volunteers who are compelled to help, who are naturally compassionate about the many trials and needs of people struck by natural disaster.

On Nov. 8, Ross, a victim advocate at the Lompoc Police Department, took a three-week vacation, until Dec. 1, to help victims of the devastation on the eastern seaboard caused by Hurricane Sandy. She stayed in Manhattan, and was deployed into the boroughs of New York to help in various Disaster Recovery Centers that were set up in Island Park, Stanton Island, Brooklyn, and Queens. These were only four of the 40 center locations in the city.

What were her assigned tasks?

“Anything!” she said, explaining that at the Red Cross centers, other community organizations provided supplies that she helped dispense.

“A man came up to me and said he’d lost everything, and was “OK,” he just needed a bed. That’s all he came to claim as necessary for his survival,” Ross said. “I got in touch with a contact on the area list that had phone numbers to any entity that was giving out help, and had a futon delivered to the man.”

Ross began her Red Cross work in 2005, when Hurricane Katrina, after watching daily news reports on TV about the suffering of those New Orleans residents who were displaced, injured, and in some cases killed.

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