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Longtime volunteer calls on others to join the Red Cross

Come on in and get to work. We need help. We need volunteers.

Connecticut native Bob Young, 82, has been helping his community through the Red Cross for more than seven decades.

This retired fire fighter remembers as far back as 3rd grade when his class made wool blankets and shipped them to England during World War II as part of a Red Cross project. This hard-working farm boy was even involved with the Red Cross while he was protecting our country in the Military.

After retiring as a fire fighter and watching the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew in 1992, he worked at a shelter in Pembroke Pines until it closed down. Afterwards, the Red Cross relocated him to Miami-Dade County, where he was one of the first volunteers in Homestead.

Young’s contribution to the Red Cross is vast and varied. He goes out on disaster calls, which entails helping those affected by fires, floods, hurricanes and other disasters. He has also taught numerous Red Cross seminars, including disaster training, first aid & safety, swimming and driving ERVs (Emergency Response Vehicles).

“Keeps you busy” and “keeps you young” are two reasons Bob Young gives for volunteering, as he makes a call for members of the community to volunteer: “Come on in and get to work,” said Young, speaking to all prospective Red Cross volunteers. “We need help. We need volunteers.”

Young is not only known for his extraordinary work with the Red Cross. He was one of the first firemen Pembroke Pines hired and one of the first fire marshalls there as well. He is the Commander of the 308 American Legion and Chapter 29 of the Disabled American Veterans. “I still do veterans work,” said Young. “When a veteran needs help with a claim or something, I am one of the guys who sit down with him or her and guide them through the process.”

From cleaning up debris and trash during the aftermath of a hurricane to teaching disaster service classes, Bob Young has contributed in numerous ways to help the Red Cross fulfill its mission of alleviating human suffering in the face of emergencies. We thank him for his many years of dedicated service.

You too can help us fulfill our mission by volunteering for the South Florida Region of the American Red Cross by visiting