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Lynchburg Donor Reaches 400th Platelet Donation Milestone

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'Why did I pick giving blood and platelets as helping someone? Why didn't I pick something else? It's just the way I am,' said Lucado.

Since 1973 Phillip Lucado has been rolling up his sleeves to help others, giving live sustaining blood and platelets. He gave approximately 10 gallons of blood through regular whole blood donations before being approached by the Red Cross to become a platelet donor.

Platelets are a blood component that helps it to clot and are often used for cancer and leukemia patients.

Phillip’s first platelet donation was March 1, 1996 and he has been donating as much as possible each year since. He states that he is blessed with good health and knows that his sacrifice of time in sharing his good health will help prolong the lives of patients in need.

Lucado, who has made his donations in Lynchburg since 2004, at the Red Cross Donor Center on Tate Springs Road, chose to come back to Roanoke for his milestone donation.

Monday April 29th will be his 400th platelet donation and he will join an exclusive club. The Appalachian Region has only 5 members to meet or exceed this donation level and they are all in the Roanoke area. He is the top donor in Lynchburg.

Phillip worked at Babcock & Wilcox in Lynchburg for 31 years before retiring in 2004 and now works for one of their subcontractors Cecil Arthur Trucking.

Lucado has a goal to donate 1,000 times before he is through; a fete that would take him into his eighties.

One person’s contribution can certainly make a difference. In the case of Phillip Lucado his selfless contributions have touched the lives of hundreds, possibly making the difference between life and death.

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