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Memories of Andover, Kan., Tornado Still Fresh Decades Later

Robello Family
That night, immediately, the Red Cross was there.

In the afternoon hours of April 26, 1991, dozens of tornadoes broke out across the Midwest. The storm that would become one of the most dangerous and destructive that day was headed for Andover, Kan., just outside Wichita.

“We could see that the weather was kind of getting bad,” said Kathy Robello, who talked about her family’s experience on video as part of the Red Cross Storytellers Campaign.

Robello, her husband and two young daughters took shelter in the crawl space of their home when the tornado neared.

“That’s what saved our life,” Robello said, showing a photo of the hole in the ground that saved their lives as the tornado destroyed the home above them.

By the time the F5 tornado had finished, it had wrought extensive damage in Andover, including to McConnell Air Force Base. The deadly tornado had taken lives and destroyed numerous houses, including the Robellos’.

As Robello recounts, the Red Cross began helping storm survivors right after the tornado passed.

“But that night, immediately, the Red Cross was there. That volunteer—he didn’t even know us. He just knew that there was a family with two younger kids who didn’t have a place to go, ” she said.

“That was the Red Cross,” Robello continued. “I knew that’s what they stood for—they help people.”

About the Storytellers Campaign

The Red Cross Storytellers Campaign is a first-ever, documentary-style ad campaign that began rolling out across the country in January. The print and TV ad spots, which feature unscripted stories created and filmed by the participants, are powerful and personal accounts of how their lives have been touched by the Red Cross.

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