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Midcontinent Foundation Supports Black Hills Chapter

Black Hills receives Midcontinent Foundation grant
We are committed to serving persons with disabilities and the elderly during times of disasters. - Richard Smith, Executive Director

On Friday, the Black Hills Area Chapter received a $1,500 grant from the Midcontinent Foundation to purchase special needs cots for sheltering persons with disabilities and the elderly.

Our chapter is currently working on securing the additional supplies and equipment necessary for accommodating persons with disabilities during disasters. This includes specialized cots, mobile ramps, toilet risers, shower chairs, wheelchairs, walkers and a 6x12 trailer designated to transport the equipment across our service area. $7,500 in additional funds is needed to fully achieve our goal.

Our gratitude to Midcontinent for their consistent support of the American Red Cross and our community.

Pictured from left to right: Ken Michaelson (ARC Board Member), Dan Kuecker (ARC Emergency Services Director), Rick Haupt (Midcontinent Regional Sales Director), Richard Smith (ARC Executive Director) and Michele Lewis (ARC Development Coordinator).