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Mother’s Illness Teaches Importance of Giving Blood

Kathy Cook learned about how important it is to be a blood donor when her mother was very sick and blood transfusions helped save her life.

“About seven years ago, my mom became seriously ill,” Kathy said. “I became acutely aware of both the value of and need for blood donations and decided to never let the opportunity slip by me, to ‘pay it forward.”

Cook’s mother needed surgery to repair an arterial problem. Her situation became very grave, both during surgery and in recovery. She needed more than 20 units of blood to sustain her.

Cook signed up to give blood at her church in Georgia and has given blood regularly ever since. She reports the American Red Cross staff makes her bi-monthly visit fun, relaxing, convenient and painless. “Because we can sign up for the time and date that we would like to give, I am almost always surrounded by a group of my friends who share my passion for their own personal reasons,” she said.

“The Red Cross team never fails to express their sincere gratitude for my donation, but I can assure you that my gratitude for saving my mom’s life far surpasses it!” Cook said.