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National Grid gives back to Boston area families in need

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We cannot do what we do without volunteers

On any given Wednesday or Saturday morning a line begins to form outside a warehouse in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston.  Families from the neighborhood are visiting the Red Cross Food Pantry to receive a variety of food to feed families big and small.

The Boston Food Pantry relies almost completely on volunteers and on a cold Wednesday in December the staff welcomed about 40 employees from National Grid who work in various locations across the Northeast who came to serve the community. Anyone who has been to the Red Cross food pantry understands the work that goes into feeding the approximately 500 families that come in. The team from National Grid got right to work- packing bags, handing food to clients and helping carry the bags of food. Mornings at the pantry move quickly with few breaks and this team kept a steady pace throughout.

Sharon Curry, who runs distribution at the Food Pantry said, “We cannot do what we do without you volunteers. Every one of you came in today and helped someone have a better day than they would have otherwise and we are so thankful.”

“I want to personally thank Red Cross, the Food Pantry staff and my team for making this a memorable holiday celebration,’ said Edward White, Vice President for New Energy Solutions. “This was a great opportunity for us to give back during the holiday season.”

National Grid regularly encourages employees to give back by volunteering and supporting activities through their “Power to Serve” program. The Food Pantry opportunity was organized by May Moy, Program Manager for Partnerships and Joint Ventures who wanted employees to get a hands on experience in the community to help the disadvantaged.  Many of the volunteers from National Grid noted that they planned to come back and the Food Pantry staff can’t wait to welcome them again.

National Grid is a longtime supporter of the Red Cross and is a member of the Annual Disaster Giving Program (ADGP) which enables the Red Cross to respond immediately to the needs of individuals and families impacted by disaster anywhere in the United States, regardless of cost. They do so by helping to build a reliable funding base for disaster relief services. The Red Cross responds to more than 70,000 disasters every year and ADGP members play a huge role in ensuring we respond anytime, anywhere.