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Neighborhood Canvass Promotes Fire Safety

Volunteers & Firefighters in front of firetruck

On Thursday, Oct. 4, 2012, volunteers from the American Red Cross and firefighters from the Raytown Fire Protection District provided community education materials in the neighborhood of a house fire where a resident was severely burned. The home, in the 6800 block of Vermont in Raytown, did not have working smoke alarms. Included in the information provided to residents in the area were details on how to get a free smoke alarm. The Red Cross sponsors a year-round program designed to help reduce injury, death and property loss caused by home fires by offering free smoke alarms to those in need. The program targets homeowners who cannot afford to purchase and/or install the alarms. To get smoke alarms installed or batteries replaced, please call the Smoke Alarm Hotline at (816) 841- 5242. If you need smoke alarms, but you're not elderly or disabled, please call (816) 841-5237 to schedule a time to come pick up smoke alarms at the Greater Kansas City Chapter.